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Dr. James V. Thompson

B.A., D.C., F.C.I.P.A

Dr. Thompson provides compassionate chiropractic care to families.  He welcomes all age groups from newborn to the elderly and all those in between.  His ‘patient first’ practice philosophy allows him to serve two different but over lapping types of patients – those seeking pain and symptom control and those who are free of obvious symptoms but wish to proactively maintain optimal health.  He offers his patients the opportunity to learn more about the basic chiropractic premise that a well aligned spine is foundational to a healthy nervous system which in turn is a fundamental requirement for health and normal growth and function in all individuals.

    Over the last 47 tears, he has garnered the respect of both patients and fellow chiropractors.  Among other distinctions he was awarded Canadian Chiropractor of the Year award (2001) and he has served his profession in Ontario as an inspector for the Canadian College of Chiropractors for nine years (not current).  In addition to his private practice, he has been a sought after technique instructor for over 30 years.  He teaches for and is a charter board member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (  He is also currently part time faculty at the Barcelona Chiropractic College and teaches often at other chiropractic colleges. Most recently Dr. Thompson has published a chapter in the textbook Pediatric Chiropractic  by Anrig and Plaugher – Third Edition 2023, Wolters Kluwer ISBN: 978-1-9751-630-5.

    When not busily enjoying his professional life, James thoroughly enjoys home and travel life with his spouse Deborah.  They have two adult children, Kaisha and Liam.  His hobbies include collecting Saab automobiles, gardening, and enjoying the splendor of Georgian Bay aboard his boat ‘Pier Pleasure’.

Dr Thompson Portrait_WEB.jpg
  • 1971, University of Toronto

  • 1975, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

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