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What to Expect

Dr. Thompson provides compassionate chiropractic care to families.  He welcomes all age groups from newborn to the elderly and all those in between. Our warm, friendly practice works towards helping people live their lives more fully with more comfort and improved function.

New Patients Welcome

Your initial appointment will be dedicated to getting to know your individual situation and your needs and expectations.  You will have already completed an online questionnaire or one done on paper if you prefer.  After getting to know you better, the doctor will perform a non-invasive physical examination to more clearly understand your condition.  Depending your situation, chiropractic care may or may not begin at this time.  If your case requires imaging or other more detailed studies, they must been done prior to beginning of care.  This first visit typically lasts about 45 minutes and its conclusion both the doctor and patient will have come to a consensus as to whether chiropractic care is appropriate at this time and the future plan for that care will be agreed upon.

Chiropractic care always involves the detection and correction of structural problems that are diminishing the ability of the nervous to operate normally.  

Different chiropractors use different methods of correcting the misaligned spine and different patients prefer and respond to different corrective approaches.  Dr. Thompson typically (but not always) uses what is called Thompson Terminal Point Technique.  This approach allows him to give very specific correction to the spine and pelvis using his hands on the patient while the patient is lying face down on a special type of chiropractic table.  Often referred to as a ‘drop table’, the table shifts slightly under the patient each time the doctor gives an adjustment.  This method of correction has been used successfully in the profession for over 70 years.  It is very effective (supported by research and experience) and safe (never a twisting or rotation of the spine).  It is patient friendly as it minimizes any awkwardness of patient positioning and it masks the sound of the vertebral joints moving (cracking) which is upsetting to some patients and can be frightening to a child.  All of these features and details are explained to the patient before the first adjustment is given.

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